Any asset made investable from your computer or mobile phone.

Own a small piece of a luxury hotel, unique startup and other premium private investments.
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How to invest


Until now, private investments have only been accessible to large institutions and a very few ultra-wealthy. DRaise opens private investment opportunities by connecting buyers and entrepreneurs directly using blockchain.


Lower minimum investment and lower costs for the entrepreneur. Removal of costly middlemen through digitalization.


Global reach thanks to digital technology. Access opportunities from around the world 24/7/365.


Ability to sell. Unlike with the traditional private investments, with DRaise buyers have the opportunity to re-sell their security token peer-to-peer or using one of the third-party trading platforms.


How to get listed


Raise funds with security tokens - the more intelligent pre-programmed securities. Issue capital digitally at a lower cost in a compliant way with DRaise.


Compliant. DRaise pre-programs your security tokens to automate investor onboarding, and to enforce compliant transfers between investors.


Digital, elegant and paperless solution with significantly Lower Cost. Until now, issuing capital from private companies was a paperwork-heavy process involving costly middlemen and institutions.

In cooperation with bardi
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logo Security tokenization is shaping up to be one of the most disruptive trends in finance
logo ...ultimately the process will no longer involve an issuer, lawyer, authority, investor, but merely issuer-investor
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